Alphan Sennaroğlu served as the primary guest editor of the September/October 2018 Special Issue on Solid-State Lasers, published in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics.


NanoTR, 2018

Ceren Yılmaz Akkaya, doctoral researcher in KUYTAM, and her student Esra Binici presented their work on gas sensors in the14th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference, which was held in İzmir, between 22th and 25th September 2018.

SATF, 2018

Ceren Yılmaz Akkaya, doctoral researcher in KUYTAM, presented her study on fabrication of thin films for solar energy harvesting in the 3rd International Science & Applications of Thin Films Conference & Exhibition, which was held in İzmir, between 17th and 21st September 2018.

JACS, 2018

The paper of Alper Uzun’s group is accepted for publication in JACS with a cover art and highlighted in C&E News.

Significance of the research:

Ionic liquid/metal organic framework (IL/MOF) composites offer a broad potential for various applications, especially for gas storage and separation. Here, we report a new core-shell type IL/MOF composite showing an exceptional CO2/CH4 separation performance. Specifically, a hydrophilic IL, 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium dicyanamide, [HEMIM][DCA], was deposited on a hydrophobic zeolitic imidazolate framework, ZIF-8, to form a powder composite. The composite exhibited approximately 5.7 times higher CO2 uptake and 45 times higher CO2/CH4selectivity at 1 mbar and 25 °C compared to the parent MOF. To the best of our knowledge, this CO2 selectivity is the highest ever-reported on a post-synthesis functionalized MOF. Data further showed that the selectivity improvement was valid in the whole pressure range that we considered. Characterization illustrated that the IL molecules deposited on the external surface of the MOF to form a core (MOF)-shell (IL) type material, in which the IL acts as a smart gate controlling the selective transport of guest molecules. Considering the existence of a large of number of IL/MOF pairs suitable for this concept, the core-shell type IL/MOF composites introduced in this work will serve as a new platform for high-performance gas separation applications.


Osman Hamdi Bey Beyond Vision’ exhibition which is held in Sabanci University Sakip Sabanci Museum, is based on the results of the Project, titled  ‘Scientific Analysis and Conservation of Osman Hamdi Bey’s Paintings’. The project was completed in two years. Raman analysis of the pigments was performed with the Renishaw InVia Raman microscope atKUYTAM. The latest newspaper article about this activity may be accessed at the following web site:


KUYTAM members participated in the Paint Istanbul & Turk Coat Exhibition which was held between March 22nd and 24th, 2018, in Istanbul Expo Center.

RAA, 2017

Gülsu Şimşek, doctoral researcher in KUYTAM, presented her study on the chemometric analysis of Osman Hamdi Bey’s paintings, in the 9th International Congress on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology which was held in Evora (Portugal), between 24th and 27th October, 2017.

NanoTR, 2017

KUYTAM crew attended 13th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference, between 22nd and 25th October, 2017, as an exhibitor. More information can be found on the website:

Surface Treatment Technologies Eurasia, 2017

KUYTAM members participated in the 3rd International Surface Treatment, Galvanizing Chemicals and Technologies Exhibition. The exhibition was held from October 12nd to October 14th, 2017, in the Istanbul Expo Center. Prof. Alphan Sennaroğlu, director of KUYTAM, gave an oral presentation about KUYTAM.

Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia, 2016

Kuytam members attended 7th International Chemical Industry Group Exhibition, Turkchem ChemShow Eurasia, which was held between November 10th-12nd, 2016 at the Istanbul Expo Center.